Karachi city in Pakistan has been receiving heavy rainfall in the past couple of days, streets are flooded and at least 7 people were killed and many injured in separate incidences.

Karachi residents found relief after weeks of extreme hot weather when they experienced the first monsoon showers. As people rejoiced there were also the aftermath wherein several incidents of roof collapse, electrocution, trees uprooting and one particular billboard claimed seven lives.

As per Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the recorded rainfall was 43 mm in Karachi and it caused chaos in several areas where it was doubled along heavy winds. The incessant rainwater swamped various low-lying areas of Karachi, as stated by rescue teams.  This further aggravated the trouble for the residents. Road blocks and road traffic also disturbed many areas as highways and other roads were submerged in rain water.

Authorities of provincial disaster management of Sindh province issued a statuary warning of flooding in several parts of the city and other areas. Heavy to very heavy rainfall is anticipated in the coming few days in the province.