Nullah Leh in Rawalpindi swelled over nine feet at Katarian point on Saturday following a heavy downpour. It also put the twin cities of Islamabad-Rawalpindi at risk as it aggravated the flow of water in seasonal streams.

According to Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa), some of the low-lying areas of Rawalpindi experienced the gushing of water, however it receded when the rains stopped.

On the other side, Raja Shaukat Mehmood, the Wasa Managing Director stated that dewatering is conducted in several low-lying areas where rain water entered houses and disrupted the routine.

He has been closely monitoring the situation and various directions of Nullah Leh, and stated that a control room has been set at Liaqat bagh to analyse the situation and thereby several leaves of the staff has been cancelled.

Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has warned and asked people to be alert and stay away any electrical installations and electric poles. They have ordered the technicians to repairs all the broken power lines as soon as the rain stops.