To be protected against corona virus infection, doctors and healthcare specialists around the world are recommending wearing face masks at all times. But in a country like India, there is a big challenge to use masks. Wearing a mask in this hot and humid climate brings a lot of sweat to the face. Recently, scientists have also said that wet mask is not effective at all to protect against corona virus. Health experts say that a mask made of cloth can protect the corona virus only when it is dry. Wet mask is not effective to prevent corona virus infection. In such a situation, if the mask worn due to heat and sweat becomes wet, then the risk of spreading the infection increases.

Healthcare expert Dr. Teresa Moore says that a lot of sweating happens during the summers. But wetting the face mask in the corona period creates more risk of infection than protection. In such a situation, people are advised to keep at least two masks with them while going anywhere. If a mask becomes wet with sweat, immediately change it and wear a dry mask. This can reduce the risk of infection. Furthermore, health experts also advise that it is more beneficial to wear a light surgical mask in place of cotton mask during summer. The benefit of the surgical mask is that it does not cause much trouble in breathing. Also, there is less sweat to get more air.