The released report by Federal Minister Ali Zaidi of a joint examination group (JIT) that had roasted Uzair Jan Baloch, outlawed Peoples Amn Committee chief included shocking exposures that the Lyari gangster had increased the support for the criminal help to key figures of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

Ali Haider Zaidi, Maritime Affairs Minister of the Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf had shared his comment on Tuesday to the media in Islamabad the JIT report of Uzair Baloch claiming that the PPP had purposely altered the first report — a charge the minister of PPP vehemently disagreed that day and rather raised a question about the authenticity and data source of the record.

As indicated by the JIT report relaesed by Mr Zaidi, Uzair was “directed” by the key political figures for “extortion, killings, land grabbing and many more”. The JIT said he told agents that the key political figures of the PPP had additionally figured out how to pull back a Sindh home division warning that put abundance on his capture after a bungled activity in Lyari in 2012. He additionally uncovered that a similar key figures helped him leave Pakistan after the dispatch of a focused on activity in Karachi in 2013. He told the JIT that the PPP authority hosted granted get-together pass to the competitors he selected for challenging 2013 general elections from Lyari.