Foreign Minister from Bangaldesh, Dr A.K. Abdul Momen on Tuesday stated that S.M. Abul Kalam, the nation’s Ambassador to Kuwait, who faces claims of being a part of human trafficking, won’t be saved if Kuwait takes charges against him. Not just the Ambassador, the Bangladesh government won’t spare any individual who is linked with human trafficking and tax evasion in any sort of way, he stated.

In regards to Independent lawmaker of Bangladesh, Mohammad Shahid Islam Papul, was arrested while in Kuwait for illegal tax avoidance and human trafficking charges, the Foreign Minister stated the Kuwait government is yet to imply them officially, and steps will be taken according to the various laws that must be adhered to after this. On 6th June, Kuwait’s Criminal Investigation Department arrested Papul on claims for human trafficking, money laundering, and was soon put in the jail of the area.

Affirming that the national authority is attempting to stop human trafficking and tax evasion, Papul didn’t go to Kuwait on an the basis of the passport issued for the government bodies and was arrested by the Kuwaiti government as its resident. Then, Kuwaiti Army official Maj Gen Mazen Al Jarrah, working in the Interior Ministry, has been suspended after Papul guaranteed that the military official accepted bribe money from his organization to permit his visa trading business. ¬†Kuwait’s Interior Minister Anas Al Saleh and Deputy Chief Minister gave an announcement suspending Al Jarrah, the Under Secretary in the service. Al Saleh told the parliament that nobody people found innocent of the visa trading claims will be saved. He additionally said that Kuwait is intending to upgrade the degree of punishment for human trafficking along with visa trading.