Since the coronavirus pandemic this year, individuals have experienced extraordinary troubles in their work. Likewise, the administration of Saindak Project, having more than 1,800 workers had the option to keep up a 100 percent Covid free condition at the task by presenting and carefully executing SOPs. This guaranteed the employment of nearby individuals and advanced the neighbourhood financial turn of events. The organization bought a lot of anti-epidemic supplies and disseminated hand sanitisers, sufficient masks and other safety material for its workers.

MRDL put forth the most ideal attempts to improve the food standard for the workers by giving them high protein food, for example, milk and eggs every day with an end goal to upgrade their physical resistance for free. The most significant step taken by the administration was to segregate the task by confining the work force development and permitting passage from outside simply following a severe mandatory quarantine of 14 days, in the exceptionally redesigned 120 isolate houses arranged 3kms away from the project.

In spite of the fact that the task has been in activity since the episode of coronavirus there has been an extreme lack of staff accessible on the job. As of now, fewer than 900 Pakistani workers are on the job. To urge the representatives to remain at work till substitutions continue obligation, MRDL gives extra obligation recompense dependent on the worker’s sequential working time at the venture during the pandemic. It is appropriate to take note of that MRDL never prevents representatives from taking get-aways. On the off chance that any worker needs to return home for some crisis, MRDL organizes his movement. MRDL is additionally pushing for the revolution of Pakistani representatives. Since January, around 600 representatives of Saindak venture have left for get-away.