This year, the national heritage of Azerbaijani, Icheri Sheher known as the Inner City, along with Giz Galasy known as the Maiden Tower and Shirvanshahs Palace complex will complete the twentieth anniversary of consideration in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Based on a site possessed since the Paleolithic time frame, Icheri Sheher situated in Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan, uncovers proof of Zoroastrian, Arabic, Sasanian, Persian, Ottoman, Shirvani, and Russian nearness in social progression.

Icheri Sheher is encircled by the well-preserved twelfth century post dividers. In addition, the twelfth century Maiden Tower worked over before structures dating from the seventh to sixth hundreds of years B.C. what’s more, the fifteenth century Shirvanshahs Palace complex are the very pearls of Azerbaijan’s design. It is accepted that common oil and salt stores in the zone, just as its good situation on the seafront have pulled in early occupants to the city.

During the twentieth century, post dividers of Icheri Sheher were reestablished without precedent for 1952-57 and the city was allowed the status of memorable design hold in 1977. Lastly, in December 2000, Icheri Sheher alongside Maiden Tower and Shirvanshahs Palace was remembered for the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. In February month of 2005, with the Presidential Decree, the Icherisheher State Historical-Architectural Reserve was set up under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At present, authentic landmarks in Icheri Sheher are separated into three sections: general, national and nearby centrality. Other than the notable Maiden Tower, Shirvanshahs Palace complex and fortification dividers; Mohammed Mosque, Multania, Bukhara and Small Caravanserais, showers, galleries and other structural landmarks gloat their innovation and exceptional magnificence.