Murad Ali Shah, Sindh Chief Minister stated on Tuesday that drainage channels was insufficient to take care of Karachi’s flooding issue and requested the development of 28 sub-divisional boards, advisors, comprising ministers, and special assistants, to screen the circumstance in the city with the goal that convenient plans could be made for the removal of water.

Regarding the meeting, Chief Minister stated that structures have been developed over common reservoir conduits [and] there are infringements along channels because of which water doesn’t go through. Stating this, he called for local bodies to have an appropriate water waste instrument set up. Local bodies ought to have a comparable arrangement under which low-lying zones, gagging focuses, bottlenecks, ducts of nullahs and their catchment territories ought to be recognized on a guide with the goal that the sending of pertinent staff and vital apparatus can be introduced in the event of substantial storm, he included.

Plus, he included, the arrangement was to be contrived in conference with the best designers of the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, Sindh Solid Waste Management Authority, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and locale city companies (DMCs). The CM additionally coordinated Sindh Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah to expel infringements from nullahs. At this, the local government serve said that he was on the streets during the downpours. Following this, the CM gave orders for fixing plans of streets and channels that were imperfect.