In an attempt to curb the circulation of misinformation, YouTube is going to downrank the videos which link 5G videos to coronavirus. The video-sharing platform said that it is going to downplay the content or decrease the visibility of videos that portrays misleading and false information to the public about the pandemic outbreak.

The videos that are uploaded and not adhering to the policies of YouTube will be considered as borderline-content and will also be subject to suppression. The Guardian reports that such kind of videos will not receive the advertising revenue and hence will be eliminated from the platform’s search result.

The report also mentioned that YouTube will not be deleting videos related to 5G which are not linked to Covid-19. Those videos which are not substantiated by medical methods will be removed or banned from the platform.

The circulation of many conspiracy theories has emerged after the pandemic struck the world. One of the theories is that which linked the rolling out 5G and the coronavirus outbreak. These conspiracy theories have paved the way for arson in the United Kingdom.

Verge reports say that the UK operators believe that these attacks can turn out to be a threat to the security of the nation.

Nick Jeffrey, the CEO of Vodafone told to Verge that, it is quite saddening to report that a sequence of arson attacks are being carried out in the country during the period of national crisis.