Cristiano Ronaldo along with his football agent Jorge Mendes has donated life-saving equipment for health care facilities struggling to fight against the Coronavirus in Portugal as on Tuesday 24th March.

According to the statement made by the Lisbon’s Santa Maria hospital, the two of them are planning to donate medical equipment for two of the wards in the hospital and it would include the provision of wards with 10 beds each, heart monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, and syringes.

In the second-largest city of Portugal, which is the city of Porto, the two have promised to donate 15 intensive care beds, ventilators, monitors and other needed equipment for equipping one of the wards in the Santo Antonio hospital. The hospital also added that the wards would be named after these Portuguese pair. In a statement by Paulo Barbosa, the president of Santo Antonio’s administrative council, he expressed his gratitude to the pair by thanking them for their initiative to support during this fight against the pandemic outbreak.

Although the number of confirmed cases in Portugal is much lesser than that of Italy and Spain, there is still an immense amount of pressure on the health system of the country. In order to tackle the condition prevailing in the country, the government has also purchased a million masks and 500 ventilators from China.