La Liga League Barcelona One and One draws between Atletico

The match between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona took place in La Liga on Saturday, 1-1. In the first half of the match, both teams remained unbeaten, but in the 77th minute of the match, Madrid’s Diego Costa scored a superb goal to give his team an edge.

After this, Madrid kept this edge for about 12 minutes while playing with a defensive tactic, but in the 90th minute, Barcelona made it to the finish with the best goal of Usman Dembele.

The Premier League result, Manchester City defeated West Ham 4-0 in the Premier League on Saturday. After this, Everton beat Cardiff City 1-0. On the side of Manchester, they scored goals for David Silva (11 minutes), Rahim Sterling (19 minutes) and Leroy Sen (34, 90 + 3 minutes).

In the Indian Super League (ISL) on Saturday, ATC stopped the history of Mumbai City FC by winning four consecutive wins. Both teams failed to score goals on each other’s goalposts. With this, the match was drawn from 0-0.

Let’s say that no team has managed to win four consecutive wins so far in the history of ISL. If ATC won the match, then it would be the first team to beat Mumbai City FC this season. When the match ended on the draw, both teams got one point each

The match between Brighton and Leicester City draws from 1-1. The match played between Manchester City and Crystal Palace also draws 1-1. Liverpool defeated Watford 3-0. In the end, Tottenham defeated Chelsea 3-1.