France Match Awards For The Winners Has Been Upgrading

The magazine “France Football” will give in the 2018 edition two new prizes that are added to the one dedicated to the best professional soccer player: that of the best player and the best young person under 21 years, the publication reported.

The ceremony of the next Golden Ball 2018, which will be held on December 3, its 63rd edition , will award the women’s Golden Ball and the “Kopa” trophy to the best young player (under-21).

This is the first time that “France Football”, alone, awards other prizes beyond its iconic individual trophy to best player of the year since it created the award in 1956 .

She only agreed to reward women’s football when she was associated with FIFA (2010-2016). The other novelty for this new proposal, the “Kopa” trophy, resembles the Golden Boy award, awarded by the Italian magazine Tuttosport – since 2003 – for the best European soccer player under 21 years of age and which has rewarded future greats stars like the Spanish Isco (2012), Wayne Rooney (2004) or Lionel Messi (2005).

The female Golden Ball award is broken in the same way as the male , with the vote of a group of specialized journalists, while the “Kopa” will be chosen by a jury composed of 33 winners of the Golden Ball, some of them still active, like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

From Monday, September 8 to 11 at night FoxLife premieres new episodes of the series that tells the story of young, rich and glamorous women who do not enjoy their marriage because they are married to famous soccer players.

Several young women today are rich and glamorous, but when they got married they had no money, in most cases they married the boy next door. After a while their husbands signed a contract with the Premier League and of course, life was never the same again.

They are part of that circle of ordinary women who end up living extraordinary circumstances. They went from using Grimley to Gucci, from Peckham to Prada, and exchanging modest three-room homes for splendid Tudor imitations in lush suburbs.

Fame has made everyone want a little of their man, being relegated. To be able to take the new matrimonial stage, the wives of the soccer players decide to make an unsettling alliance, made out of necessity. It is not known if they would be friends under normal circumstances.

Some of these women just try to survive; others are in a slow descent into hell. And some are having a great time. It’s not just money. Not the press. Or the presumed neighbors. It is the pressure that this lifestyle imposes on a marriage: a husband who is always away from home, persecuted by other women.

As you read, Footballers’ Wives is about both football and the drama of young working-class women who suddenly have everything that money and fame can buy, for as long as it lasts and costs them what it costs them …

More challenges at Earls Park for players and their wives. The new captain, Kyle Pascoe, is doubly afflicted after the death of his best friend, Jason Turner, and his wife, Chardonnay. But even this great grief will not prevent President Frank Laslett from realizing his dream of playing next season in Europe.

Along with his new manager, Roger Webb, Frank has hired three great players: the dynamic Harley Lawson, Noah Alexander and international forward Conrad Gates. This season the Sparks will play everything for everything.

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