Sergio Ramos Tested Positive for Doping Champions League final

Sergio Ramos tested positive for doping in the final of the Champions League 2017 in which Real Madrid won 4-1 against Juventus in Cardiff (Wales). On that day, the center was also the center of the controversy to simulate or exaggerate a lack of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado that led to the expulsion of the Colombian.

However, UEFA filed the case because it would have accepted the justifications of the Spanish central, who in his sample of 110 milliliters of urine contained traces of dexamethasone, a corticosteroid that relieves inflammation. This substance is prohibited by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

The Real Madrid doctor did not inform, as it should have been, that the captain of the merengue team consumed dexamethasone, which is why it was considered a suspected case of doping. What he did report was that he had received an intra-articular injection, but with Celestone Chronodose on his shoulder and knee. Likewise, this substance is also prohibited, but both can be used before matches.

The doctor argued that he made a mistake in clarifying what substance the player had consumed for “the euphoria of the title” and added that “it was a human error and understandable.” Likewise, it was also revealed that Ramos violated the anti-doping protocol in a Spanish league match against Málaga in April of this year by showering before being tested.

This information was revealed by Football Leaks, which on November 2 had announced that it would reveal a case of positive doping of a world star. This Friday, the website that also filters in the media documents about contracts, transfers and salaries of soccer players in order to uncover the hidden part of football, he kept his word.

Real Madrid has responded with a statement to the alleged irregularities of Sergio Ramos published by the German weekly “Der Spiegel”, clarifying that his captain “has never breached the anti-doping control regulations” and that UEFA closed the investigation as soon as he had the information.

“Sergio Ramos has never failed to comply with anti-doping control regulations,” reads the first point of the communiqué issued by Real Madrid in response to what was published on Friday in reference to his captain.

“UEFA requested timely information and closed the matter immediately, as is usual in these cases, after the verification of the experts of the world anti-doping agency, AMA, and of UEFA itself,” he adds in a second point.

“Regarding the rest of the content of the aforementioned publication, the club does not pronounce itself before the evidence of the insubstantial nature of it”, sentence.

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