Former International Women’s Football Player forced to sell tea

Ten years ago, the female footballer Kalpana Roy, who represented the country, was forced to sell tea on the road due to financial constraints.

The 26-year-old imagines still train 30 boys twice a day. His dream is to play once again for the country. Kalpana was injured in the right leg during the women’s league organized by the Indian Football Association in 2013. Kalpana said- ‘I took a year to recover from it. I have not got any financial help from anyone. Apart from this, I have been stabbing tea. ‘

Kalpana’s father used to junk tea, but was upset with the age-old diseases. Kalpana said, “I was called for the trial for the senior national team, but due to economic difficulties I did not go. I have no place to live in Kolkata.

Apart from this, if I go, who will see the family. My father’s health is not good. Kalpana is the youngest of five sisters. Four have been married and one lives with them. Mother has died four years ago. Now the family runs the imagination.

Kalpana played four international matches under-19 footballer in 2008. Now he gives coaching to 30 boys in the morning and evening.

They stop the shop at four o’clock and practice two hours and then open the shop. They said, ‘Boys’ club gives me 3000 rupees a month, which is very important to me.’ Kalpana said that he is fit to play at senior level and is also experienced for coaching. He said, ‘I can contribute both ways. I need a job so that I can run the family. ‘

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