Barcelona Team vs RM Match Goes Out in a Great Suspense

The matches against Barcelona and Real Madrid are often used by Diego Pablo Simeone to reinforce his idea of play. There are no other rivals who think they can submit more to their team. In his head is that only playing as he did last night, the Athletic can overcome. So he saw the same game that has so many times posed to Barca.

Deployment in one’s own field and the eternal expectation of an error. “We had four minutes left,” Diego Pablo Simeone said with a half smile, with the first question that dealt with what his team had been missing to get the three points. “You left me bouncing,” he told the journalist to justify his laughter. “I liked everything about my team.

I think the game was closed, tactical, there were not many goal situations. The against of Griezmann with Costa in the second time and little more “, analyzed El Cholo, for which there was a draw in which none of the styles could prevail over the other. “There was no backlash to take advantage of the spaces or possession of them to hurt us.

In these types of games, the details count. We lacked fortune so that the ball did not pass between the legs of Oblak and then Lucas “, lamented Simeone, who still does not know the victory in the League against Barcelona after 14 games.

He did not like the Argentine coach to point out that his team played to draw. “Where is that written, that’s an opinion,” he snapped at the reporter. More condescending was with the opinion of Sergio Busquets, who had declared that he did not like playing games of the court that was seen in the Metropolitan.

It is an opinion of an extraordinary footballer, but we competed seven years ago in the same way, we would like to have faster and more precise transitions. We will work on them, but what we saw is our strength, what identifies us “.

For Simeone, Barcelona played the expected match. He felt that he would try to disarm less than in the last games with the entry of Arturo Vidal and that it would be deployed in 4-4-2. “Barcelona did not surprise me at all. I was sure they were going to play that way.

Without Coutinho, Vidal could get to them from the second line, they had deep sides that could attack the spaces and they wanted to gather many people around the center to work well in the construction. With all of this they wanted to see if they could get there from the second line, where Messi is also used to doing it “.

Simeone, who was unleashed with the goal of Diego Costa, cheered his striker’s goal and took the opportunity to note that for him he is still a fundamental player to interpret his style of play: “Diego has a discomfort in the foot that already affected him during the week, but every time he is in the field and is strong the team has many chances to win.

For us it is important, because when he is well we have many chances. It’s an animal.”. Finally, Simeone reviewed the status of the championship. “It will not be a face to face with Barça, we are tight, but we should not get away from these places.

The tournament shows you that any field is difficult and any team plays well and creates problems for you. There is not a difference in which Barça and Madrid take you 20 points as in other championships. This is more entertaining. ”

Simeone’s speech was followed by his application players. “The truth,” said Koke, “is that they have dominated a lot because it is the soccer they raise and we feel comfortable with that. From 1-0 on, we were all face-to-face and the draw came an unfortunate play.

So the result knows little by little, “continued the midfielder, who reappeared after a month off. “They did not have many options either. We know that spaces are better and what we have done is to reduce spaces. We played a great game against a great team, “concluded Koke.

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