Messi and Ronaldo both will not appear in El Clasico for the first time in 10 years

Despite being beaten by two goals, the Swiss football team defeated Belgium 5-2 in the semifinals of the UEFA Nations League after defeating Belgium’s hat-trick of Harris Cepherovic.

The Belgium team, which suffered just second defeat after 2016 Euro Cup, gained two goals in the first 17 minutes thanks to the two goals scored by Thorgan Hazzard. The first goal was in the second minute of the game due to the mistake of Switzerland defender Niko Elyde.

However, Switzerland returned to half-time, taking 3-2 lead on Belgium. During this time, Ricardo Rodrigues (26th) scored the first goal for Switzerland and then Cefarovic scored two goals in the 31st and 44th minute. In the second half, Ellydi (62nd) scored the goal and improved the first half margin, and in the 84th minute, Cepherovic completed his hat-trick while making the fifth goal for Switzerland.

The two teams in the league-A group-2 are topped with nine-nine points, but with a better record of defeat and win against Belgium, Switzerland made the next round. In this match, the Belgian team played without their star player Romelu Lukaku and Kevin de Bruyn.

However, in his absence, Thorgan held the meeting in collaboration with his elder brother Eden Hjard, but in spite of getting the initial lead, Belgium had to face a decaying defeat. After the defeat, Belgian goalkeeper Thibout Corteis said that this defeat has hurt our team, but it was a high level of competition and hopefully we will get a lesson from the failure of reaching the final four.

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