After 87 years Haley Real Group from Allaves in the House

On Saturday, the current European champions Real Madrid suffered a 1-0 defeat against Alawes. Real has not been able to win any of the last four bouts.

Not only that, Real’s team has not been able to score in the last four matches. This is the first time since 1985 that Real has failed to score in four bouts. Manu Garcia of Alves scored a goal in the fifth minute of an injury time and stunned Real.

This is the first time in the last 87 years that Alvees defeated Real on his home ground. As soon as the match was over, Alvase’s players started jumping around in the Jodhata Stadium.

Even his supporters came to the ground and started celebrating victory. Real team is going without the injury in the match against Karim Benjema and Gareth Bale. Real’s recent performance raises questions about the future of its manager Julien L√≥petegui.

However, despite this poor start, Loptegui said that it would be hasty to raise a question about my future with the club. We know how the real manager’s life is.

We also know that October is going on, you have to maintain hope and peace. At the same time, Real captain Sergio Ramos said that taking the decision is not my job, but changing the manager is never good.

The English Premier League on Saturday night, Manchester United came back strongly in a very exciting match and defeated 3-2 at Newcastle United. The final goal of the match was made by Alexey Sanchez (90th minute) as a substitute.

After the win, United manager Jose Mourinho, who was criticized for consistently poor performance, may have been undergoing a little pressure. After the match, he said that the message was sent in his support on behalf of his board.

Won Sanchez, Juan Mata (70th) and Anthony Marshall (76th minute) United despite trailing by three goals scored 0-2 within 20 minutes. Thanks to the rounded Kennedy (seven minutes) and Yoshinori Muto (10th minute) Newcastle had taken the lead in the opening minutes.

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