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Tyeler Greenstreet: Actions Not Words

Posted on 29 February 2012 by Chuck Licata

(Blaine Woodbury File Photo) Tyler Greenstreet goes up for a layup in a 65-60 win over Hutto earlier this season.

By Merle Bertrand, Sportswriter

Tyeler Greenstreet is a young man of few words. That’s probably fine with Liberty Hill Runnin’ Panthers Head Coach Barry Boren, as Greenstreet, one of Boren’s vaunted “nuts and bolts” players who knows his team role and fills it well, lets his actions on the court do the talking for him.

Born in Austin on October 26 to Marc and Gwyn Greenstreet, Tyeler Dylan Greenstreet is the older brother of Kaylee Greenstreet, a seventh grader at Liberty Hill Junior High School.

Like his Panthers teammates, Greenstreet was aware of the Panthers’ recent early round playoff struggles. And, like his teammates, Greenstreet was determined to use those experiences as motivation for this year’s team.

“The wins were pretty good,” he acknowledged of the Panthers’ fourth straight 30-win season, “but I still like to focus on the big picture.

“We just wanted to win the thirty games and continue the tradition that we had,” stated Greenstreet.

Greenstreet played football in junior high, but basketball, a sport he’s been playing since he was five, is clearly his favorite sport.

Although Greenstreet’s favorite type of food is Mexican, he listed chili as his favorite dish.

When not being a nuts and bolts guy on the basketball court, he’s often using nuts and bolts when working on cars, his main hobby. More than likely, he’ll be listening to music from Korn, his favorite artist, while doing so.

Back on the court, Greenstreet, a 6’2” senior forward, talked about the mood in the Panthers’ locker room before their first playoff game last Friday night (Feb. 24) versus La Vernia.

“We were just really focused. I think we just wanted to do better than we’ve done in the past,” he stated. And the attitude of the team after the win?

“Let’s enjoy it and get back to work.”

Greenstreet plans to attend a highly-respected welding school in Tulsa, Oklahoma after graduating from Liberty Hill High School. But before his high school career draws to a close, Greenstreet offered thanks to his parents, noting that, “they’re really supportive.”

And of course, Greenstreet offered his thoughts on the Panthers’ maestro as only he could.

“I just want to thank Coach Boren for letting me play this long,” he stated matter of factly.

As mentioned, Liberty Hill senior Tyeler Greenstreet is a young man of few words.

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