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FROM THE CHEAP SHEETS: College Football, Week 12

Posted on 27 November 2011 by Chuck Licata


(NOTE: Opinions expressed here are of the author alone and do not reflect the opinions of anyone at

So much for rivalry weekend. The only good rivalry games this weekend were Texas vs Texas AM and Ohio State at Michigan. As a matter of fact, if you take the top 8 rivalry games the average score was 39-16.

Hot Seat

As I’ve said before, you don’t want to make my hot seat list….My top 3 from last week have been fired!

Ron Zook, Turner Gill, and Dennis Erickson tomorrow morning.

In addition, open jobs now exist at Memphis and UAB


Why should Alabama get to play LSU in the BCS final?

1.   They didn’t even have to play South Carolina or Georgia

2.   They didn’t score a Td vs LSU

3.   There 11 wins came against Georgia Southern and 10 other teams with a combined record of 60-59

a.   Kent State 5-7           Vandy  6-6

b.   Penn State 9-3          Tenn   5-7

c.   North Texas 4-7          ole Miss 2-10

d.   fla               6-6          miss st    6-6

e.   Auburn       7-5           ark         10-2

4.    Stop handing the Heisman to Trent Richardson…..check out my heisman stats below..Montee Ball had a better game against their only common opponent..Penn State



*LSU seems to have a legitimate shot and ending up 14-0 this year. Only 4 college team have ended their season with a 14-0 mark.

Can you name all 4? See the end of blog for the correct answers.

**Can you identify the team or teams who have appeared in the top 10 based on winning % in the 1980’s, 1990’s, and 2000’s


Did you know

1.   Lsu is 12-0 for the first time in school history.

2.   Since Nebraska’s perfect season (no ties) in 1995 there have been 19 undefeated/untied teams…including Marshall, Tulane, and Utah twice

3.   Rex Burkhead’s 38 carries against Iowa is a Nebraska record

4.   Houston’s Case Keenum set a FBS record with his 37 career 300+ passing game

5.   Pratville HS in Alabama already has 11 Division I commitments for 2012 and 2 from the class of 2013

6.   Oregon won their 4th straight civil war while gaining over 600 yards

7.   Michigan snapped a 7 year drought with Ohio State and now have 2 rushers with over 1000 yards for the first time since 1975

8.   Baylor’s Terrance Ganaway had a school record 42 carries against Fluberville and the Red Raiders

9.   Stanford’s Andrew Luck passed John Elway for career td’s at Stanford.

10. Remember one time Texas QB commit John Brantley..he left the Horns last minute for Florida..did you see him in last night’s Florida vs FSU game…awful

11. I hated to see Will Muschump and offensive guru Charlie Weiss get beat 21-7….the offensive of output by both teams was unimaginable 18 total 1st downs, 279 total yards, 5 turnovers

12. Kentucky beat Tennessee for the first time since 1984

13. Montee Ball of Wisconsin is only 5 td’s behind Barry Sanders single season record of 39

14. NC State was down 41-14 with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd and scored 35 4th qt points to defeat Maryland


8 teams who must be wondering what happen this year

1.   Texas AM    6-6/4-5          started off the season in the top 5 nationally

2.   Florida         6-6/3-5          new coach and ranked in top 25

3.   AZ State      6-6/4-5          top 25 and beat Mizzou and USC early on

4.   Miami          6-6/3-5          new coach and a top 25 team

5.   Tennessee   5-7/1-7          not a top 25 team in the preseason but Vol fan expected more

6.   Maryland     2-10/1-7         new coach and beat Miami in the home opener

7.   Notre Dame 8-4                 nice record but lost 3 of 4 against the tough competition

8.   State of Miss                      Miss state was a top 25 team Ole Miss has lost their coach and gone 2-10


In case you missed some late results

1.   Cal Bears    47-38  over Arizona State………could be Dennis Erickson’s last game

2.   Colorado    17-14  over Utah………………… puts UCLA in Pac 12 championship game

3.   Stanford     28-14  over Notre Dame

4.   USC            50-0   over UCLA………………..Pac 12 must be excited to have UCLA represent the Southern division

5.   San Diego St 31-14 over UNLV


Conference Breakdown of Bowl Games

Big 12 Conference

BCS – Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic

Valero Alamo Bowl

Insight Bowl

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl

Texas Bowl

New Era Pinstripe Bowl

Dallas Football Classic

Winningest programs From 2000-2009

1. Boise State: 112-17 (.868)
2. Texas: 110-19 (.853)
3. Oklahoma: 110-24 (.821)
4. Ohio State: 102-25 (.803)
5. Southern California: 88-26 (.772) (reflects victories lost in the 2004 and 2005 seasons)
6. Florida: 100-30 (.769)
7. TCU: 95-29 (.766)
8. LSU: 99-31 (.762)
9. Georgia: 98-31 (.760)
10. Virginia Tech: 99-32 (.756)
Winningest programs in the 1990’s

1. Florida State: 109-13-1 .(890)
2. Nebraska: 108-16-1 (.868)
3. Marshall: 114-25-0 (.820)
4. Florida: 102-22-1 (.820)
5. Tennessee: 99-22-2 (.813)
6. Penn State: 97-26-0 (.789)
7. Michigan: 93-26-3 (.775)
8. Miami (FL): 92-27-0 (.773)
9. Texas A&M: 94-28-2 (.766)
10. Ohio State: 91-30-3 (.746)


Programs in the 1980’s
2. Miami (FL): 98-20-0 .831
3. BYU: 102-26-0 .797
4. Oklahoma: 91-25-2 .780
5. Clemson: 86-25-4 .765
6. Penn State: 89-27-2 .763
7. Georgia: 88-27-4 .756
8. (tie) Florida State: 87-28-3 .750
8. (tie) Michigan: 89-29-2 .750
10. Auburn: 86-31-1 .733


Inside the numbers for the Heisman

player                                record             att       completions      %            td’s     INT       yards       QB rating        rushing yards

Andrew Luck (Stanford)     11-1                373           261             70           35       9           3170        167.5

Case Keenum (Houston)      12-0              467           342            73.2         43      3            4726        187.3

Matt Barkley (USC)               10-2             446           308             69.1        39      7             3528        161.2

Robert Griffin (Baylor)                              347           252             72.6        34      5              3678        191.1            612

Landry Jones (Oklahoma)      9-2              487           312             64.1         28     12           4052        148

Brandon Weeden (Ok State)  10-1            486           355             73             34     12          4111        162.2

Trent Richardson (alabama)   11-1                     263 rushes       1583 yards     6.0 average                 27 receptions   327 yards        23 total Tds

Montee Ball (wisconsin)          10-2                     248                  1622 yards    6.5 avergae                 17 receptions    248 yards       34 total td’s

I would  favor Robert Griffin #1, Case keenum #2, Montee Ball #3………..Matt Barkley has as good or better stats as Luck against the exact same competition

**Next saturday’s games will decide the winner


Some weird  College football facts

Auburn’s first bowl game was against Villanova in the Bacardi Bowl, held in Havana, Cuba.  The game was played in a revolutionary atmosphere.  Fulgencio Batista, the dictator who would be overthrown by Fidel Castro 22 years later, had just assumed power

Missouri is credited with establishing the tradition of Homecoming in the United States, which was then adopted by most colleges and high schools across the country.  The tradition began in 1911 when athletic director Chester L. Brewer invited alumni to “come home” for the big football game against Kansas.

Clemson shares its mascot with Auburn.  Coincidence?  The “Father of Clemson Football,” Walter Merritt Riggs, brought the game with him from Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama (now Auburn University)

Originally, Wake Forest’s athletic teams were known as the Fighting Baptists, due to its association with the Baptist Convention.  However, in 1923, after a particularly impressive win against the Duke Blue Devils, a newspaper reporter wrote that the Deacons “fought like Demons,” giving rise to the current team name, the “Demon Deacons.”

Of all the FBS (formerly Div. I-A) teams never to win a national championship, West Virginia is the winningest with 663 victories.  Yeah, that’s all I got on this one.


Longhorns vs Gaggies

1.    I know I know I know..I was dead wrong about the final score. I predicted 30-17 Gaggies but honestly thought  the Gaggies might win by over 20…It’s nice to be wrong at times

2.    The display by the Texas offense was the worst I’ve seen by a major program against a statistically  average defense in my college football life.

3.    Do you realize that 93 of the 237 total yards came on three plays. The Texas offense hasn’t improved since week 1

4.    Both teams combined for 20 penalties

5.    Texas is now 25-22-2 all time in Gaggie much for home field advantage

6.    The Gaggies will leave the series down all time  76-37-5

7.    Who should replace Mike Sherman…at 25-25 all time there is little chance he keeps his job

8.    Remember, the Gaggies did win a conference championship in 1998

9.    Want more……The Gaggies are 2-12 in bowl games since 1991..getting outscored 403-232

10.  I have to retract some of my earlier comments on Def Coor Manny Diaz…Defense keeps getting better and the young corners and Def ends have really improved


What I’m watching next week and final predictions…..this is my last blog for 2011

Another bad weekend for me only going 4-3..season record of 43-18.

1.   Texas at Baylor………………Texas D is really good and Robert Griffin 3rd is great……….Horns can’t score enough……Sick em Bears    29-17

2.   Southern Miss at Houston…13-0 sounds really good..I keep waiting for Houston to wake up but not this week…Cougars  35-27

3.   LSU vs Georgia………………every one says win or lose LSU still in BCS final so who cares about this……LSU in a tough defensive struggle   24-14

4.   Mich State vs Wisconsin…..First Big 10 championship and rematch from the Hail Mary game..Wilson and Ball 2 much for Sparty   27-21

5.   Oklahoma at OKlahoma State….BCS bid on the line..toughest game for me to pick..Sooner or later Cowboys have to win…Gundy is a man with this one  37-34

6.   Va Tech vs Clemson……………….Va Tech and their special teams will win this for Beamer

7.   Oregon vs UCLA…………………….How is UCLA in this game? because USC is on probation…quack quack in Rick N last game     41-24


TUCSON, Ariz. — Rich Rodriguez made his first public appearance as football coach at Arizona on Tuesday after signing a five-year, $9.55 million contract to take over the Wildcats.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Garrett Uekman was remembered Monday night for his love for Arkansas, and those who knew him best said his impact on the university was far greater than the short time he spent there.

Uekman, 19, was last seen playing video games Sunday morning and was found unresponsive in his dorm room an hour later. University police said they won’t release the incident report until after the  autopsy report is released


Top 10 recruits in the state of Texas

1 Mario Edwards
Video | Scouts Report
DE Denton, TX
Billy Ryan High School
6’4” 270 90  

Florida State

2 Johnathan Gray
Video | Scouts Report
RB Aledo, TX
Aledo High School
5’10” 190 85  


3 Malcom Brown
Video | Scouts Report
DT Brenham, TX
Brenham High School
6’2” 285 83  


4 Cayleb Jones
Video | Scouts Report
WR Austin, TX
S. F. Austin High School
6’2” 195 83  


5 Thomas Johnson
Video | Scouts Report
WR Dallas, TX
Skyline High School
6’0” 180 82  


6 Dominique Wheeler
Video | Scouts Report
WR Crockett, TX
Crockett High School
6’1” 180 82  

Texas Tech

7 Kennedy Estelle
Video | Scouts Report
OT Pearland, TX
Glenda Dawson High School
6’8” 310 82  


8 Peter Jinkens
Video | Scouts Report
OLB Dallas, TX
Skyline High School
6’1” 210 81  




Trivia answer

1.   2002-   Ohio State

2009-   Alabama

2009-   Boise State

2010-   Auburn

2.  No team had been in the top 10 by winning % in the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s

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